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[sun jul 24th, 2005 »1:20p]
Back to the layout with the NFG lyrics. I decided to go use the Savage Garden one on Discardedscars because I love it so much!

[sat jul 23rd, 2005 »3:53p]
Another layout with my new favourite quote - "we scream to avoid suffering in silence". One of the amazing quotes on the Savage Garden "Crash and burn" video.
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[wed jun 29th, 2005 »1:10a]
I'll be using this journal as a test journal from now on for layouts.
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Public post omgwtf [fri apr 8th, 2005 »6:11p]
[ mood | sick ]

This is the first public post thing in a while.. infact, It's the first post since November! So for all those that still have me on their friends list, a little update.

I met a guy. A decent one. He's called Terry. We've been dating for just over 2 months I htink.
Things got better... I quit self harm and I never feel the need to anymore.

That's about it! hahaha

PS// I tend to update my other journal everyday. DiscardedScars so if you wanna be added there just email kimi.pag@gmail.com and I'll add you back - I have no friends only sign there ya see....

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[tue aug 3rd, 2004 »11:13p]

[x]How you know me
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[sat jul 31st, 2004 »11:43p]

Join it.



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